"Interactivity is not about touching a screen.
It is about touching your audience."

See it as a magic trick.

Interactive technology redefines the relationship between stage and auditorium.
We use tracking data to create responsive environments.
We generate dynamic audio and visual effects.

Let's make it a game.


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"Don't mess with the music."

Have you ever watched a movie with the sound off?
This is why sound is our second key component.

As producers, musicians, and engineers, we are experts in creating a truly emotional listening experience. When it comes to music for events, we are passionate consulting partners from selection and booking to reproduction.

Playlist and artist selection
Music creation and sound design
Multichannel and 3D reproduction


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"Playful creativity with the result in mind."

The brothes and musicians Nick & Clemens Prokop are the creative brains behind tye interactive shows.
Born into a a family of artists, their artistic work focuses on the convergence line between music and visual impact.

The company is much more than a creative think tank.
A team of dedicated experts make sure our projects integrate seemlessly into any setup.

show and interactive design
technical planning
project management
    advanced content production
event direction